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We developed The Social Metroplex™ after the tremendous 2008-10 economic downturn. To survive, we determined businesses needed four things: Social Media, Video, Publishing (aka Content), and E-commerce. Businesses were going out of business left and right. Those who hired us made millions of dollars. Back then, hardly anyone was actively participating in these four areas. Today, everyone who is trying to sell something understands this. Today, people say, “You need to be on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and content is king.” However, everything starts with Google. Afterall, Google is No.1 in Search; No. 1 in Video; No. 1 in Advertising; No. 1 in Home Products (Nest, Google Home, etc.); and No. 1 in Mobile Phones with its Android platform.

The Social Metroplex™ ushered in the digital age that we now are all aware.
We didn't see this coming.

Strategies Every Business Can Use

Since the Internet began creeping into everyday life almost two decades ago, we have been on the forefront, creating organizational control out of online chaos. We provide astute strategic initiatives, using analytic skills and thoughtful communication through conscientiousness. We are dedicated to the goals of our clients. We ask questions to understand the clients’ underlying issues. With determination, we focus on the outcomes that clients desire. We have a keen eye for detail and good is not good enough. We want greatness for our clients. We decode the nuances of business with skilled professionalism and have goals for consistent improvement. We don’t offer opinions, rather provide research so you know our recommendations are not casual hopes but rather tested results.

Google is No. 1 in Search, Video, in Home & Cell Phones
Google Maps Virtual Tours Create TRUST
Google Builder Creates a Firm Foundation
Websites answer the question: How do you help people?

Our Strategy Does – Yours Should – Start with Google


Google receives 7 BILLION searches PER DAY.
300 hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube.
5 BILLION videos are watched on YouTube every day.
What are people finding when they search for YOUR business?

We are a Google Trusted Verifier, which means Google has empowered us to help clients understand who is REAL and who is NOT. If you have a business – even a home-based one, we can verify you are real and in about 8 minutes put you on Google Maps for the world to see. We placed 156 offices of the largest dermatology company in the United States on THE map. We also placed the largest women’s healthcare group in Florida on THE map plus 250 of the Doctors and Nurses. In addition, we have placed thousands of small and micro businesses on THE map, too.

This is Strategy No. 1

Exclaimit has photographed some of the largest law firms in Florida

Google Virtual Tours Opens Your Doors to the World

Most never give this a thought: Google fights fraud 24/7/365. Why? Because it wants you to TRUST them. And we do. When we search we nearly always get the results we are looking for.

How does Google know you are real? The best way is with a Google Maps/Google Search 360° Virtual Tour. Evil people wanting to perpetrate fraud often try to do that on the Google platform. As a result, Google doesn’t TRUST anyone. You have to earn that trust.

A 360° walk-thru virtual tour shows you are real. Fraudsters cannot provide that. See samples of our work at Our tours and photos have been viewed over 150 million times!  That shows the power of photographs on Google and that you are in good hands with Exclaimit!

This is Strategy No. 2

Google Builder – Borne out of Necessity

The Google Builder Strategic program primarily strategizes to position you in the marketplace via Google. We conduct research and find what people are asking of your business and have a strategy that increases your ability to be the go-to entity of your business in your location. We then put into place a fourfold initiative.

This Strategic Initiative was borne out of needs identified after we were hired to photograph virtual tours for businesses. We supplied many ways to leverage the tour online, yet people were too busy and needed to concentrate on their core service. We then stepped in to set up the System and then train the client — only for them to ask us to do it for them.

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This is Strategy No. 3

Google Builder Strategic Initiative by Exclaimit!
Exclaimit partners with businesses

Does Your Website Communicate the Right Message to Google Search and Your Prospects?

According to Netcraft, there are 1.9 billion websites.
In 1991, there was just one website!

Where does a person go for their answers? Google.

Where does Google go for its answer? You — if you have the answers to the questions your prospects are asking. 

Google is in the business to help people. When someone searches on Google for an answer, Google finds the best answer that will help that searching person. Who provides the best answer to your business sector?  Join us and we will help you craft the best answer to your prospect’s questions.

This is Strategy No. 4

4 Steps in the
Growth Building Process
6 Steps to Success
and it’s about Trust
10 Word of Mouth
40 Ways to
Attract Attention
The Science of Buying
Influence Report
The BAWC Report
Wooing Prospects

Exclaimit Provides Strategies to Enhance and Advance Your Business.

What is your strategy today?
What is your strategy this week?
Do you have a strategy?
Do you have time?
Whether you are a micro business (electrician, carpenter, lawn care, plumber, etc.), a small business (medical, dental, consulting office); or a large company like the largest dermatology company in the U.S. or largest women’s healthcare provider in the huge state of Florida, we have a strategy for you that can transform your business.

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““Barry is one of the most knowledgeable and detailed web people I have ever met. He really takes his time with you showing you all the details that you need with your business and how to maximize your presence on the internet. You can't go wrong with Exclaimit!!”
— Dr. Matt Wilson”