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Barry Carroll has four titles with Google and he did not realize what these titles would do for business owners and managers. With one of those titles, a Certified Google TRUSTED photographer, he photographed 360° virtual tours for businesses, then taught them how to leverage it on Google.
But they were too busy, so he created the Google Builder Strategic Initiative, and the rest, as they say, is history — nearly every client received more business, more clients and more revenues.
Now the Strategic Initiative is offered here to YOU!

Join The Social Metroplex™

It's a great idea for Google to know your business!

Website Maximization

Connect with Google thru your website in 7 vital ways.

AI Intelligence

Communicate with Google twice a week about you (100 messages a year).

Google and YOU

Match your words and phrases against Google's lexicon.

Strategy Summits

Periodic look at what is working; what is not; what is Google doing?

What would you do if Google showed up at your networking meeting?

Fold your arms, or would you introduce yourself and tell Google everything about your business?

  • That's exactly what we do for you.

    Most business owners have enough to do without the added burden of online marketing.You can spend $24,000 a year hiring a junior marketing person or a small fraction of that and get our proven expertise!

  • Proven and tested.

    We stumbled onto Google artificial intelligence before most businesses even knew what it was. All of our clients have benefitted by our Strategic Initiative leveraging the Google platform and now we invite you to join them.

  • Limited availability.

    We will not and cannot accept everyone who wants to partner with us. We value quality over quantity so if you want to join now, you must act now!

An Awesome Product That You Have Never Seen

We put the largest dermatology company in the United States on THE MAP; did the same for the largest women's healthcare group in Florida and its 225 practitioners; and we have helped hundreds of micro and small businesses.

Let us introduce you to Google so Google knows who you are; what you do; how you do it; and where you do it. Our work has been seen by over 40,000,000 people. Join with us and be known online by your community and Google!

Google Builder*

$625 monthly

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*Plan is set to sunset in August 2019 unless you have a Google Enterprise account

Google Builder
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What Our
Customer Say

Our measure of success is not the accolades people give us. Our measure of success is determined by the increased number of calls YOU get or the number of people that visit YOUR store/business. Here is a sampling of what we have done for others and desire to do for you:

Beverly Walker
Owner, Pinot Palette - Brandon, FL

We had spent many hours over several months trying to straighten out our Google profile, including working with people who were knowledgeable about Google, all with no results. Barry did not hesitate to jump in to help, looking at each piece of the 'Google puzzle', working with us to effectively manage our Google profile and connecting the components of Googlevoice, Gmail, YouTube and Google+ so that we're now in a position to maximize our online exposure.Thank you Barry and Exclaimit!

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